YouTube Demo Packages

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the @ArtOfShredYT review & demo packages.

Honesty in reviews is my number one priority.

I currently offer two different packages for guitars, either an unboxing/first impressions video or a detailed review, and one demo package for guitar pedals. Since a detailed review includes playing your guitar for over 10 hours and includes a full setup (besides intonation this includes things like polishing the frets and cleaning the fretboard) your investment reflects that. The video filming & editing for a detailed review also takes approximately 10 hours.

To arrange a sponsorship or demo email:

Full Detailed Review & Demo

You can expect:

  1. A short demo song that includes drums & bass showcasing a newly written riff that was inspired by your instrument.
  2. A detailed review talking about all of my likes and dislikes.
  3. A sound demo showcasing all pickup positions with clean and dirty tones.
  4. This package also includes one short vertical video posted to TikTok.

Your investment in this package: $250

To arrange a demo email:

Note: If you’d like me to send your instrument back to you the rate is $500.

Example of this type of detailed review & demo:

Unboxing & First Impressions

If you’d prefer an unboxing & first impressions video, which are quite popular on my channel, I am happy to provide that as well. Since these videos take substantially less time it is reflected in your investment.

You can expect:

  1. A full unboxing and first impressions, showing what your guitar is like out of the box. I take note of the setup and what, if anything, needs to be done (such as fixing sharp frets).
  2. A sound demo that includes me jamming with the guitar using various pickup settings and effects.

Your investment in this package: $100

To arrange an unboxing/first impressions email:

Note: If you’d like me to send your instrument back to you the rate is $400.

Example of a first impressions & unboxing:

Discount For Both

If you’d like both an unboxing/first impressions video and a full demo & review then your investment is $300 or $600 if you’d like me to ship your instrument back to you.

To arrange this package email:

Guitar Pedal Demo: Messin’ With Pedals

Got a pedal you want demoed? Sweet! I probably want to check it out!

If you’re an indie builder (aka solo with no employees) your investment is $0 + the pedal.

If you’re not an indie builder your investment is $150 + the pedal.

To arrange a pedal demo email:

Example of a pedal demo:

Important Notes For All Packages

Of course, you do not get to review the videos before they go live and I write my own titles and create my own thumbnails. I retain all rights to the content I make and you may not post it or use it in advertising without permission. You can select up to 3 hashtags for me to include in the description of the video and I will also include a link to your store and/or Amazon listing (with my Amazon affiliate link).

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