This Week in Guitar #2 – A 23 foot guitar, NFTs, PRS beer, failed auctions, trading dope for a guitar, and more …

I found a lot of varied stories this week. So varied that if next week tops this week’s randomness I’ll be surprised.

Jimmy Page owned Strat on auction. Starting bid? $60k

Estimated to sell for over $100k, but nobody has bid yet. Value of the guitar according to the auctioneers? $15k. As for this one? Too rich for my blood. And it’s not even from the Zep era, but the Coverdale/Page era. Sweet looking guitar, though. Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auctions have a bunch of others guitars and memorabilia up for auction that nobody’s bidding on, in case you’re interested.

Man builds giant 23 foot guitar for public display

As a fan of roadside roadtrip attractions, I’m looking forward to seeing the final product in person some day. It’ll go well with the 25 foot aluminum bass man in Muscle Shoals.

Chris Cornell “Last Photo Shoot” NFT sells for $10k

Love them or hate them NFTs are here to stay … at least for now. 😉 I’ve been saying for a while now that some day an NFT of a ’59 Les Paul is going to sell for more than a real ’59 Les Paul. We’ve already seen some crazy prices for music and guitar themed NFTs so it seems it’s just a matter of time. (Disclosure: I do not own any NFTs and think they’re kinda silly. Which probably means I’m an idiot and they’re going to be huge in 20 years.)

PRS collabs on a new beer?

I’m not an IPA fan so I probably won’t try this, but the collaboration actually makes sense. Rock + alcohol = a story as old as time … or at least as old as rock.

Steve Jones traded a vintage Gretsch to Phil Linott for a bag of dope?

Don’t do drugs, kids. But it’s a good day to jam some classic Thin Lizzy songs.

Big Ten College Football Teams and Their Guitar Pedal Counterparts

I’ll give writer Patrick Gerhart big props for uniqueness here, especially because it’s not easy melding two disparate passions. Although I grew up in a Big Ten area I didn’t watch much football, but shout out to the DS-1 (my first pedal!):

“This pedal has been around forever. Some people like it and some people hate it. Very few, absolutely love it. It is a distinctive high gain distortion. Not a whole lot to it, but what it does it does well. It get’s the job done.”

Yeah, I agree. Patrick forgot to mention Kurt Cobain used it, which is why I bought the DS-1 when I was a teen. A $50 pedal used by your favorite musician? You just couldn’t beat that as a beginning guitarist.

AttakPik – a new pick with nubs

I’m skeptical of new picks that make any kind of claim beyond “you need this to play guitar and maybe this will be the pick that feels best for you” but shout out to pick companies consistently trying to innovate. I just stumbled upon AttakPik and haven’t tried them, but if you’re inclined to try a new pick, here is an option for you. But if you’re anything like me you have a bag of 50 different picks that you never use because you’ve been playing the same kind of pick for 25 years. (Clayton Acetal for me, although I’ve been really liking their Duraplex lately. I guess we can change in old age!)

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