This Week in Guitar #1 – Raspberry Pi pedalboard, pandemic sales, the magnetosphere, and more …

Welcome to the Art of Shred’s first TWiG. We’ll see how this works over time and it might not always be weekly if there isn’t a lot of guitar news, but in general I’ll share a handful of interesting guitar-related stories or videos that you might not have seen if you only read Guitar World. (I love GW, so no hate.)

The Raspberry Pi Guitar Pedalboard

I love DIY gear and I love Raspberry Pi so what’s not to love here?! A homemade guitar pedal board made with a Raspberry Pi4. Yes, this is a complicated project and the creator didn’t include detailed instructions so you’re kind of on your own. They did include a Github repository, though, if you’re inclined to take this project on.

What the pandemic did for small music instrument builders and shops

If you’ve been trying to buy a specific guitar or any gear lately you know you’re often out of luck (or you have to get lucky) unless you’re willing to wait months. Anyway, this article speaks with a few instrument manufacturers (none of whom I’d heard of before, nice!) about what a boon the pandemic was for their sales.

A guitar amp powered by the magnetosphere?

Probably not. But ElectroHarmonix wants us to believe.

Does time away from music make you more creative?

Anecdotally, I’ve noticed that if I’m working on something I just can’t get right, if I step away for a few days it sometimes makes it easier. But anecdotes are useless and this article is about creativity, not technique.

The soulful sound of steel

I love pedal steel. I even made my own lap steel guitar out of a 2×4. But I can’t play it for s&*t. This is just a nice article about an old guy who plays, written in a hometown newspaper.

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