This Week in Guitar #3 – Oil drum basses, bourbon barrel guitars, EVH jets, and more …

Another varied week in guitar-related news. Let’s get right to it …

Basses made from old oil drums and other unique materials

Caul Bluhm makes some very unique instruments and, as an owner of some unique instruments (cigar box guitar; 2×4 lap steel), I dig it. You can watch some of his process on his YouTube channel. While you’re there, subscribe to the Art of Shred YouTube channel.

Music by the Barrel

This is one way to reduce, reuse, recycle. Mike Mankel makes high end guitars ($7,500+) from old bourbon barrels.

A $2.7mm jet with an Eddie Van Halen guitar paint job

Kind of. Let’s be honest, this article is a bit of a stretch, but the sales listing does say it’s a new EVH-inspired paint job.

The first Les Paul is going up for auction

I don’t know what it is about being first, but much like probably everybody else, I want this guitar. Who else wants to go in on a million dollar Les Paul? 🙂

That’s all for this week. If you’ve got guitar-related news to share just send me a message so I can include it in a future issue of This Week in Guitar.

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