This Week in Guitar #13 – Orangewood, guns, Khaled (ugh), new ArtOfShred soundcloud

I hit my Wednesday deadline (woohoo!) and posted the Orangewood Morgan Spruce Live review. So with that …

Video of the week: Orangewood Morgan Spruce Live

Dad allegedly shoots son after he refused to stop playing guitar

I think we can comfortably file this under: Only in America. The twist: The son is 50 years old.

Oh god I don’t even want to post this article about DJ Khaled but here we are

I’ll let HipHopDX take it from here (click the link above) because I’ve given this one enough of my time.

ArtOfShred Soundcloud

I started a soundcloud to post some demos. Like this short demo track using the Pladask Elektrisk Feber:

That’s about all since it has been a slow week with interesting guitar related news.

I’ve got reviews a handful of reviews in the works:

  • Positive Grid Spark 40 amp
  • Glarry GTL guitar
  • Firefly FFLG Gibson SG-style guitar
  • Pladask Elektrisk Feber amplitute/phase modulation guitar pedal
  • Bananana Effects Mandala glitch guitar pedal

I have most of the FFLG video filmed and I’ll try to get the review done this coming week. Realistically it’ll be a couple weeks from now, but who knows, maybe I’ll be extra productive.

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