This Week in Guitar #16 – Glarry GTL review, best selling guitars of 2021, Billie Joe signature Epiphone, and more …

Happy Monday!

I posted a new review last week. The Glarry GTL got the Art of Shred in-depth written and video review treatment. If you’ve been thinking about buying basically the cheapest guitar you can buy then you really need to read and watch the review first.

What else did I find interesting this week?

Video of the Week: The Bend Nobody Teaches You

This is by Mike from The Art of Guitar. No relation to Art of Shred! I registered in 2007.

He’s right. I’d never seen anybody teach this kind of bend before and it’s quite cool.

Reverb’s Best Selling Guitars of 2021

Most surprising to me: the PRS Silver Sky is #3 on the electric guitars list. Least surprising: there are four Squiers on that list. Including one I ordered, but it’s on back order so I haven’t received it yet. (Common story, huh?)

Epiphone releases Billie Joe Armstrong signature Les Paul Junior

I came of age in the Dookie era and haven’t kept up on what he’s up to, but I always think of a Strat when I think of Billie Joe Amstrong. see: Basket Case The Les Paul Junior looks pretty sweet, though.

Meet the guitar shop owner who got Salem, OR millions to help with homelessness

A pretty interesting article, particularly how he became co-owner of Guitar Castle.

From an inner city after school program to guitar virtuoso

Cool article about a young guy named Damian Goggans who earned himself a classical guitar scholarship to Oberlin Conservatory.

That’s all for this week! See you next Monday.

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