This Week in Guitar #8 – Pinch harmonics, Jeep custom guitars, Raspberry Pi auto-tuner, and more …

Lots of cool stuff this week including a new segment. Video of the week! If you’re anything like me you probably watch a lot of guitar YouTube. I’m gonna do my best to choose one great guitar-related video from here on out.

Video of the Week: Allen Van Wert’s pinch harmonics lesson

Wallace Detroit Guitars + Jeep collaboration

Boutique guitar builder Wallace Detroit teamed with Jeep — using wood from their old Packard Automotive plant — and built a $2,900 guitar. It looks like there’s exactly one available on their website, and it’s still available at this moment if you’re looking.

Imagine finding your stolen guitar 6 years later in a pawn shop

I bought my first ever guitar — a Yamaha acoustic — in a pawn shop. It was a rip off, but I didn’t know any better. I thought pawn shops were where you went to get cheap instruments. Nope. Anyway, congrats to Noel Cooney on being reunited with his guitar after 6 years.

Raspberry Pi auto-tuner

This isn’t the first Raspberry Pi project I’ve shared, and it won’t be the last. I love what people are able to do with 3D printers and Raspberry Pi boards nowadays.

The Number One Les Paul auction is live

Christie’s is estimating it will sell for $100k-$150k, but they’re undershooting by at least an order of magnitude. We’ll find out in 16 days, assuming they announce the final winning bid.

I have three guitars arriving within the next week or so. More in-depth unbiased reviews coming soon enough! See you next week.

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