This Week in Guitar #4 – 3D printed instruments, a perfect score in GH2, Tony Iommi’s upside down guitar, and more …

More guitar-related randomness …

Doing the impossible. A 100% Full Combo score in Guitar Hero 2.

I know I know I know Guitar Hero is not guitar (I’m terrible at Guitar Hero), but this is fun anyway. This dude could surely be a shredder on a real guitar if he isn’t already. The comments on the video are hilarious, but in a good and positive way.

Tony Iommi had to play an upside down right-handed SG until …

I’ll save you the click: he traded it with a chap for a left-handed SG. I know that’s not the most exciting news, but Tony Iommi is one of the reasons I play guitar (Kurt Cobain being the other reason) so any Iommi news is interesting to some of us!

How I Spent My COVID Quarantine: 3-D Printing A Laser Harp

It’s not a guitar, but this is cool as hell!

If you’re a Grateful Dead fan with lots of money …

They’re auctioning off a bunch of custom guitars. Check the link above.

How a guy from Levi’s is helping turn Gibson around from the brink of bankruptcy

It’s interesting to see what they’re doing at Gibson after filing for bankruptcy in 2018. I’m a big fan of the SG (hello Tony Iommi!) although I got rid of my beautiful heritage cherry SG Standard over a decade ago (long story short, I was leaving the country and got rid of all of my stuff). I’ll probably get a Gibson again at some point, but my next guitar (coming in September) is way out of left field for me.

That should tide you over for a while. 4-5 more interesting guitar-related links next week! See you then.

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