This Week in Guitar #12 – Guitar Center bankruptcy IPO, weird sounds, most expensive ukulele

I’m finally getting ready to post another review here at Art of Shred, for the Orangewood Morgan Spruce Live. The video is done, but I need to finish up the text. I’m shooting for this Wednesday. Fingers crossed! Anyway, onward with this week in guitar …

Video of the week: Weird sounds with the Pladask Elektrisk Feber

Is it cheating if I use one of my videos here? I just got a Feber pedal and it has been really fun playing with it.

Guitar Center may go from bankruptcy to IPO

I have no thoughts on this, but it’s newsworthy and interesting. (I’m not allowed to have thoughts on it due to FINRA.)

Randy Bachman lost a guitar in 1976 and a fan found it in Japan

Yes, yet another lost and found story. I love em.

Another book by Nikki Sixx. The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx

Motley Crue was the first band I really liked when I was a youngun in elementary school. I finally saw them live in my 20s and Vince Neil was the worst singer I’ve ever seen live. Ruined the band for me. Ha. Anyway, I’ve read The Dirt and The Heroin Diaries and they were okay, but I’ll probably pass on this one. I’m an old man now. 🙂

The World’s Most Expensive Ukulele?

I have not verified if this is in fact the most expensive ukulele, but it sold at auction for nearly $30k and that’s a lot for a uke. Mine cost $60 on Amazon. haha

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