This Week in Guitar #11 – glitch pedal demo, Micheal Angelo Batio double-guitar, reclaimed guitars, and more …

I’ve spent far too much time this week watching glitch pedal demos. (I take that back, there is no such thing as spending too much time watching glitch pedal demos.) And with that …

Video of the week: Pladask Elektrisk Baklengs pedal demo

This demo video from Pedal of the Day is so good. I’m gonna try to buy one of these pedals when they release the next batch.

Man reunited with guitar after 45 years

I’m a sucker for these stories, what else can I say?

Crude Luthier makes guitars from reclaimed parts and modern techniques like 3D printing

Lots of cool photos of Steve Pierson’s guitars on his instagram, like this one:

The Lexus LC Fender Stratocaster Is Brand Synergy At Its Worst

Haha. Well, I’m not sure I entirely agree. Mostly, I’m for nearly any and all collaborations because who knows what could come of them. This article eviscerates this collab though. 🙂

Super super niche alert: Michael Angela Batio signature double guitar

Although I have no use for this guitar, $1,500 isn’t bad at all. If you’re ambidextrous, at least. It even includes a case, which is kind of necessary for a guitar like this since you won’t be able to find anything off-the-shelf.

See you next week!

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