This Week in Guitar #14 – Overpriced brands, Firefly FFLG, AliExpress guitar pedals, a wholesome family, and more …

Oh yeah! I finished another review this week. Just a note: Recording, editing, and writing one review takes approximately 20 hours. That’s in addition to actually playing and enjoying (hopefully, anyway) the guitars I review! So with that …

Video of the week: The Firefly FFLG SG-style guitar review

And if you want to read the accompanying written review, which you should (wink wink), check it out here.

Reddit weighs in on overpriced brands

No surprise, Gibson guitars get shredded. You always go after the king, after all. But give them all the hate you want, the SG in heritage cherry is still my jam and, yeah they’ve had some quality control problems in the past, but what an iconic guitar brand. Overpriced? It really depends on how you value guitars.

7 guitar effects pedals for $175

I just bought a bunch of guitar pedals for an average price of $25 each on AliExpress. Check the link for more and of course I’ll review them when they eventually arrive from China.

Just a wholesome article about a generations of a family learning to play instruments in a small town

My headline there pretty much covers it. But it is wholesome if you need something wholesome in your life today.

Syd Barrett’s guitar sells for 20,000GBP (~$27k) at auction

Yeah, that’s a lot, but it’s nothing compared to some of the auction prices lately. Of course, as popular as Pink Floyd has been over the years, Syd Barrett is much lesser known. He left the music industry in 1972, after all.

That’s all for this week. Have a good one!

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