This Week in Guitar #15 – Bananana Mandala, free guitars for an elementary school, Minicorda travel guitar, and more …

I posted another video last week (you should subscribe! I post Shorts videos regularly too). This time something a little different. A pedal demo. It’s not a review because pedals like this one (a glitch pedal by Bananana Effects) is for a certain type of person with certain tastes. My opinion doesn’t matter. But what a fun pedal! And with that …

Video of the Week: Bananana Effects Mandala glitch pedal demo

I’d never heard of Billy Strings but this is very cool of him

He gave every student at his former elementary school a new acoustic guitar! I didn’t start playing until a year after elementary school, but part of the reason for that was lack of money. This would have been amazing. So, good on you Billy Strings.

Guitar players are everywhere

I wouldn’t be able to pick Lester Holt (a news anchor who plays bass) out of a crowd and the name is only vaguely familiar, but it’s always fun to see how varied the guitar playing community is.

New guitar company: Minicorda, the $270 suitcase-sized travel guitar

This is basically a 12-fret classical guitar neck that you plugin. At 19.7″ / 50cm it really would fit in your suitcase and it’s one solid piece. Pretty amazing! If they would make a non-classical version I might even be inclined to buy one. Note: it doesn’t make much sound without plugging it in so you’re gonna need some kind of amp. I guess if you’re traveling, a headphone amp will do. Or get something like the Scarlett Solo and plug it into your computer.

GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World!

Cool exhibit going on at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science at the moment. According to a Yahoo Finance article, “The exhibition features more than 60 instruments and explores the cultural and physical history of the guitar—from lutes and ouds to modern, high-tech and experimental instruments.” I almost bought an oud when I was in Greece several years ago. I’d never seen one before and it was such a cool sounding instrument. Anyway, if you’re in Denver go check it out.

Solderless 12 string electric guitar kits

I don’t know anything about this company, but they came up in my research for This Week in Guitar. Anyway, for $210 they sell Strat and Tele style 12 string guitar kits, no soldering required. At that point, it’s mostly like assembling LEGO, but I think it would still be fun! It’s kinda odd that they don’t sell solderless 6 string kits, though.

That’s all for today. I’m getting ready to post my Glarry GTL review. I’ve finished the video, but still have to finish writing the review. I should have it posted on Wednesday if everything goes as planned.

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