This Week in Guitar #18 – Yvette Young’s hilarious ad, a super-modded $150 Bullet Mustang, and more …

My goal with TWiG is to bring you unique or maybe not widely shared stories and information. Some weeks there’s almost too much to choose from, but for the past couple of weeks there has been a lot less. I assume it’s due to the holidays and the whole industry being focused on holiday sales so hopefully we get more interesting things happening in the new year.

Quick follow up on last week’s missed ’56 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro. I got cash on Monday and emailed the guy. He sold it the day before! Haha. It’s okay, though. I bought a Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Jazzmaster (in Sonic Blue) for review. Although I might keep it instead of helping keep the review train running by selling it. We’ll see. I’m a big fan of the offset look, which brings me to …

Video of the Week: the Yvette Young YY20 signature guitar ad is funny

Although I don’t have plans to pick one up this guitar looks sweet. And this ad is great.

Guitar, never used, $15!

That was a clue in the November 28, 2021 New York Times Crossword puzzle. What’s the solution? NOSTRINGSATTACHED

I find some weird things over the course of researching guitar related news and this crossword clue was kinda funny to me because it brought up an old memory. When I was 15 or so I bought a used unplayable stringless guitar for a dollar from a schoolmate. I tried to mod it into a playable guitar, but didn’t know what I was doing, I gave up, and nothing good ever materialized from it. It’s too bad, because if I recall correctly, it was a Fender Mustang style body!

Fine-tuning The Last of Us Part II’s interactive guitar

I’ve never been a gamer and I still am not a gamer, but this was an interesting article about their decision making process with this mini-game.

A $150 Squier Bullet Mustang with hundreds of dollars worth of upgrades

This guitar looks sweet. And it’s no longer a beginner guitar! I actually almost bought a Bullet Mustang to review a few weeks ago, but decided against it for now. This modded Mustang makes me want to run out and pick one up.

That’s all for now! See you next week.

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