This Week in Guitar #19 – Guitar museum, borrowing gear from the library, and more …

No intro, let’s just get to it …

Video of the Week: Short demo of a $24 Delay Pedal

This is one of the pedals I bought from AliExpress and I gotta say, for $24 this is a really decent delay. I’d have loved to have it when I was first starting out and there were no delays available for less than $100. And my new Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster makes an appearance in this video. I’ll post a review of it that guitar in January. I’m not yet sure when I’ll post a review of all the AliExpress pedals.

I Refuse To Change My Guitar Strings Out of Protest of How Hard It Is To Change Guitar Strings

Haha, obviously this is satire, but if I’m being honest I feel this hard. One of the reasons locking tuners are so nice is they make changing strings a breeze.

Songbirds Guitar and Pop Culture Museum

I didn’t know this existed, but it looks really cool. If I ever make it to Chattanooga I know where I’m going.

A library that lets you borrow instruments and gear!

I love my public library and visit it a couple times/month. But if Longwood Library in Middle Island, NY was my library I might visit even more often.

Custom DIY Guitar Pickguard with MIDI Capability

You know I love DIY gear like this. (Various things like this have made an appearance in a few TWiGs before.) So cool what people can do with time and brains.

That’s all for this week. See you next time.

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