This Week in Guitar #20 – Review updates, cigar box guitars, Top 10 Black Sabbath Riffs

I’m thinking about updating the Art of Shred reviews with a “salability score.” Certain guitars hold value better than others and my hunch is you’d want to see my real world results from churning the guitars I buy, review, and get rid of to fund other guitars to buy and review. Right now this is the only economically feasible way to run an unbiased review site like this. But to be clear, on the whole this is a money-losing endeavor and takes a lot of work.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about. The Glarry GTL is barely sellable. The highest offer I’ve received so far is $55 (I have it listed for $70) and for $55 it makes pretty great wall art so I might just keep it. The Firefly FFLPS sold for a small profit of $17.13. The Firefly FFLG sold for a small loss of $11.13. (I really liked the FFLG and would have liked to keep it, but again, this is a money losing endeavor and I need to fund more reviews somehow.) I have a feeling this will all be interesting data for guitarists, particularly when I have dozens more guitars reviewed, but maybe I’m wrong.

Video of the Week: My Weird Cigar Box Guitars and DIY Instruments

If you’re anything like me you like nearly anything that makes musical noises. So sometimes I build instruments to make noises with. Watch the video above to check out some of the instruments (and an amp!) I’ve made.

The lightest all-in-one tube amplifier?

It’s over $2,000 and they’re trying to raise money on Kickstarter, but so far only 18 people have backed the project. This seems a little cart before the horse considering we don’t know much about the makers and they don’t seem to have a known reputation as amp builders. That said, I love innovation so I’d love to see the project come to fruition. Be aware: they don’t expect to ship them until Q4 of 2022 and estimated timelines on Kickstarter have a way of sometimes because overzealous.

Iā€™m teaching an 11-year-old how to get through life with the help of a trusty guitar

This is an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune. It’s behind a paywall so I’m sharing the PrintFriendly link to this fun little story.

A Keith Richards NFT — his first — goes up for auction

Love them or hate them NFTs are here to stay. For now anyway.

That’s all for this week. I’m going to take next week off from TWiG since unique guitar news has been slow and I expect it’ll be even slower over the holidays. See you next year! (Although, subscribe to my YouTube channel because I’ll be posting the Top 10 Black Sabbath Riffs this week!)

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