This Week in Guitar #5

Back at it again for another roundup of random guitar-related news.

A guitar is not a weapon, but it can be

I don’t have anything smart to say here, but this popped up in my feed and I’ll leave it at that.

“I collect guitar riffs” – Brian Setzer

Although I’m more of an old school Stray Cats fan (Stray Cat Strut, what a classic!), you gotta give credit to Brian Setzer for continuing on the rockabilly/big band tradition.

Johnny Ramone’s Mosrite up for auction

My first crowd surfing experience was at a Ramones concert. If somebody were to buy this guitar for me I would accept.

A new Metallica Masterclass

Say what you will about Metallica nowadays, but two things are for sure: they’re an iconic band and they’ve got longevity. I learned to play fast playing along to Master of Puppets. What a workout that was. Will this master class taught by them be any good? Who knows, man, who knows.

Student painted Epiphone guitars up for auction

The bids aren’t very high right now so it’s possible you could win an Epiphone with a unique design for under $200. Who knows! If there was an SG in the mix I’d bid, but I’m digging a lot of the art work none-the-less.

Next week’s TWiG is gonna be a day late (posting next Tuesday). Until then, see ya …

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