This Week In Guitar #6 – Isbell’s custom Tele, Martin space guitars, Fender Barbies, and more …

As mentioned last week, I’m a day late on this week’s TWiG. (We were camping in Yellowstone!) Lots of fun links to catch up on …

The story behind Jason Isbell’s custom Tele

Jason Isbell is one of my favorites and Southeastern is one of the best collections of songs ever compiled in a single album so this was an interesting read. Speaking of Teles, I’ll be getting a beautiful Tele-style guitar very soon. (I might also be reviewing a cheap ~$100 tele style guitar soon so maybe I’m getting two Tele-style guitars soon. ha)

Apparently this is news in Green Bay

Saved you a click: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers QB) plays a guitar in a commercial.

Martin Guitars is sending a ukulele to space

It seems they do these kinds of things every once in a while. They sent a uke on an expedition to the North Pole all the way back in 1926. And they sent a Martin Backpacker to space in 1994. (I used to own a Backpacker. Not worth it. Don’t buy one.)

Fender partners with Barbie

Well, this is an interesting collab. “This fall, anyone who purchases Barbie dolls inspired by guitar-playing characters will also get three months of free Fender Play lessons.” Anything that potentially gets more people interested in playing guitar gets a thumbs up from me.

Mom wants to sell the guitar she bought for her son for his birthday because he didn’t play it

Wow, just wow. At least she smartened up thanks to the Reddit community and didn’t actually sell it. But still, wow.

That’s all for this week!

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