This Week in Guitar #7 – aluminum guitars, LEGO sets, and $250 signature acoustics

Back in the saddle again for TWiG #7.

New aluminum-bodied guitar company, Instrumental Aluminum

Instrumental Aluminum is launching on Kickstarter soon. It’s not the first guitar company using aluminum, but I’m a fan of entrepreneurs trying things like this. Apparently this is the world’s first vacuum die-cast hybrid electric guitar, although I have no idea what that means. I have no connection to the company. I just found out about them over the course of my This Week in Guitar research.

Breakdown of the LEGO Fender Strat guitar and Princeton Amp

This is a good look at the new $100 LEGO set. While LEGO isn’t my thing, as I said last week with the Fender Barbie collab, anything that possibly gets more people interested in guitar (or music making in general) is cool in my book. I do wonder why Fender is the company that is doing so many of these toy collaborations. Step up your game, Gibson!

Chris Janson gives a grandma a guitar while on a shopping trip

Although I’m a country music fan, I’d never heard of Chris Janson. Since I’ve been doing a lot less driving over the past few years I’m not current on country radio. Anyway, I’ll save you a click: Chris Janson was shopping, got into a conversation with a woman, found out her granddaughter is an aspiring singer, and went to his tour bus to grab a guitar for her. I know these types of things are done mostly for PR, but they’re still fun.

Keith Urban launches $250 signature guitar and learning app

This is cool as hell. I know very little about Urban, but I dig stuff like this. It’s hard to say if the guitar is any good, but it’s surprising what kind of a quality of guitar you can get for under $250 nowadays.

Speaking of low priced guitars, I just ordered the new SG style Firefly. Their prices have started to creep up. It was $217, including shipping. If the last Firefly is any indication, I’ll receive it next week. A review will come after I’ve spent ~10 hours playing it.

Until next week …

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