This Week in Guitar #9 – triads and carbon fiber

Lots of personal news this week. I recorded parts of videos for 3 guitars: the Orangewood Morgan Spruce Live, the Glarry GTL “Fender Telecaster style”, and the Firefly FFLG “Gibson SG style” guitars. I still have to record sound samples for all of them, but the pre-setup and post-setup pieces have been filmed. (Spoiler: None of the guitars arrived ready to play out of the box.)

And with that, let’s move on to other guitar news …

Video of the week: 5 Ways I Use Triads by Paul Davids

Paul Davids doesn’t need me to send more views, but the reason he’s so popular is because his videos are so well done and informative.

University of Rhode Island Guitar Festival is available online

I debated whether to post this, but I love Kaki King and she’s doing a workshop at this festival. Since they’re going to stream that workshop I’m strongly considering virtually attending. I hope this hybrid model continues into the future for events like this. I know in-person is always more fun, but not everybody can travel even in normal times, so as long as the streaming setup is good I feel like it’s a win.

How Eddie Van Halen shaped the sound of Def Leppard’s Hysteria

Quick, what was one of my favorite bands when I was a youngster? The answer: Def Leppard. I remember going to the store with my dad and brother and buying the Hysteria cassette tape and being very excited about it. I actually haven’t listened to that album in years because Def Leppard wasn’t available on streaming forever and I didn’t notice they were available until now. Guess it’s time to rocket, yeahhh …

KLOS is getting into electrics with a new carbon fiber neck guitar

Although I love my KLOS guitar cable I’ve yet to try any of their guitars. They’re known for their acoustics, but are now getting into the electric market. I will say, carbon fiber looks sweet as all get out. Does it make for a great guitar? I don’t know yet.

It’s been a slow-ish week for unique guitar-related news so that’s all we’ve got this week. I mean do you really want me to promote the new Gibson Generation acoustics? 🙂 (I want to review one, though!) Until next week …

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