This Week in Guitar #10 – 16 million guitar players, a Google tuner, the fart pedal, and more …

A really wacky week this week. Probably the wackiest so far.

Search Google Tuner in Google for their new guitar tuner

I don’t know how well it works (I use and ads stopped following me everywhere; I love it), but this is cool none-the-less.

16 Million New Guitars Players!

This is pretty incredible. In case you’re wondering why guitar prices have gone crazy and why so many guitars are sold out, this probably has a lot to do with it.

The Fart Pedal has already raised $56k on Kickstarter, wtf

While this is pretty funny in a gag gift type of way, I suspect these are gonna be selling for far less than the $165 Kickstarter price in about a year or two. Or maybe they’ll be expensive collectors items? What do I know?

Air guitar gets culture with Baylor University’s ‘Airness’ play

Missed opportunity for a Beavis & Butthead tie-in

Video of the week: Bride & Groom walk down the aisle shredding (kinda)

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